Global peace will come only through justice for all.

The seat of the Universal House of Justice, Haifa, Israel

Dear Angels,

Think about it for a moment... The great historian Arnold Toynbee linked the demise of all previous civilizations to four main factors: unjust taxation, the decline of agriculture, political corruption and the general decline of morals.

Therefore, and before turning to the problem of peace and its solutions, let us summarize the last decades of governance with some striking paragraphs from the Universal House of Justice in "THE PROMISE OF WORLD PEACE" (1985), sharply criticizing the ideology supporting trendy corporate capitalism:
[...] to callously abandon starving millions to the operations of a market system that all too clearly is aggravating the plight of the majority of mankind, while enabling small sections to live in a condition of affluence scarcely dreamed of by our forebears.
Also holding the leaders accountable for the hellish living conditions they have helped create for the majority of humanity:

The time has come when those who preach the dogmas of materialism, whether of the east or the west, whether of capitalism or socialism, must give account of the moral stewardship they have presumed to exercise. Where is the "new world" promised by these ideologies? Where is the international peace to whose ideals they proclaim their devotion? Where are the breakthroughs into new realms of cultural achievement produced by the aggrandizement of this race, of that nation or of a particular class? Why is the vast majority of the world's peoples sinking ever deeper into hunger and wretchedness when wealth on a scale undreamed of by the Pharaohs, the Caesars, or even the imperialist powers of the nineteenth century is at the disposal of the present arbiters of human affairs?

In order to provide food for thought on justice as the basis for peace, some Baha'i statements are offered here that are of interest to any penetrating mind, for through the recognition of the oneness of God, the oneness of faith and of the human race, they address five major aspects of justice: CLASS, LEADERSHIP, ECONOMY and RELIGION. 
We ask God to endow human souls with justice so that they may be fair, and may stive to provide for the comfort of all, that each member of humanity may pass his life in the utmost comfort and welfare. Then this material world will become the very paradise of the Kingdom, this elemental earth will be in a heavenly state and all the servants of God will live in the utmost joy, happiness and gladness. We must all strive and concentrate all our thoughts in order that such happiness may accrue to the world of humanity.
- Abdu'l-Baha

True social advancement is made possible when every member of society can trust that they are protected by standards and assured of benefits that apply equally to all. The realization of justice is dependent upon participation by all social actors.
     - The Baha'i International Community

Unlike the nations and peoples of the earth, be they of the East or of the West, democratic or authoritarian, communist or capitalist, whether belonging to the Old World or the New, who either ignore, trample upon, or extirpate, the racial, religious, or political minorities within the sphere of their jurisdiction, every organized community enlisted under the banner of Bahá'u'lláh should feel it to be its first and inescapable obligation to nurture, encourage, and safeguard every minority belonging to any faith, race, class, or nation within it.
- Shoghi Effendi, the Gardian of the Baha'i Faith

The whole human race is submerged in the sea of the mercy of the Lord and we are all the sheep of the one divine shepherd. Whatever shortcomings exist among us must be remedied. For example those who are ignorant must be educated so that they may become wise; the sick must be treated until they recover; those who are immature must be trained in order to reach maturity; those asleep must be awakened. All this must be accomplished through love and not through hatred and hostility.
- Abdu'l-Baha

When religion, shorn of its superstitions, traditions, and unintelligent dogmas, shows its conformity with science, then will there be a great unifying, cleansing force in the world which will sweep before it all wars, disagreements, discords and struggles – and then will mankind be united in the power of the Love of God.
- Abdu'l-Baha

We cherish the hope that the light of justice may shine upon the world and sanctify it from tyranny. If the rulers and kings of the earth, the symbols of the power of God, exalted be His glory, arise and resolve to dedicate themselves to whatever will promote the highest interests of the whole of humanity, the reign of justice will assuredly be established amongst the children of men, and the effulgence of its light will envelop the whole earth. 
- Baha'u'llah

First and foremost is the principle that to all the members of the body politic shall be given the greatest achievements of the world of humanity. Each one shall have the utmost welfare and well-being. To solve this problem we must begin with the farmer; there will we lay a foundation for system and order because the peasant class and the agricultural class exceed other classes in the importance of their service. 
- Baha'u'llah

Letting these assertions sink deeply into our consciousness shall give them birth into the world of positive action, and if ever so, please feel at ease to join our peaceful international community, governed by elected people caring for the interests of the whole through policies dictated by pure reason, unlike the greedy speculation that led to the threshold of the present global economic and environmental disaster.  

Feel welcome also as builders of a safe and loving environment where diversity is honored and particularities are protected, since it is a global society where action is used for construction, not destruction.

But there is more to it as well. In order to establish PEACE ON EARTH, the Baha'i Writings further specify the necessity of establishing a World Commonwealth which
will ultimately bring international justice, love and peace, unlike the newly DEFEATED world disorder rightly feared by most for being perfectly materialistic and mercantile.
The light of men is Justice. Quench it not with the contrary winds of oppression and tyranny. The purpose of justice is the appearance of unity among men. The ocean of divine wisdom surgeth within this exalted word, while the books of the world cannot contain its inner significance.
- Baha'u'llah
In the meantime, you are invited to be ACTORS, not spectators, and long live the unity of mankind!

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