The River of Life flowed forth again from the fingers of Bounty.
This week, drink your fill.



Now the new age is here and creation is reborn.
Humanity hath taken on new life.
The autumn hath gone by,
and the reviving spring is here.
All things are now made new.
Arts and industries have been reborn,
there are new discoveries in science,
and there are new inventions;
even the details of human affairs,
such as dress and personal effects
–even weapons–
all these have likewise been renewed.
The laws and procedures of every government
have been revised.
Renewal is the order of the day.
And all this newness hath its source
in the fresh outpourings of wondrous grace and favor
from the Lord of the Kingdom,
which have renewed the world.



This is the springtime of manifestation.
The vernal shower has descended
from the cloud of divine mercy;
the life-giving breeze of the Holy Spirit
is wafting the perfume of blossoms.
From field and meadow rises
a fragrant breath of thanksgiving
like pure incense ascending to the throne of God.
The world has become a new world;
souls are quickened, spirits renewed, refreshed.
Truly it is a time for happiness.



Because, in this most momentous of ages,
the Sun of Truth hath risen
at the highest point of the spring equinox,
and cast its rays on every clime,
it shall kindle such tremulous excitement,
it shall release such vibrations in the world of being,
it shall stimulate such growth and development,
it shall stream out with such a glory of light,
and clouds of grace shall
pour down such plentiful waters,
and fields and plains shall teem with such a galaxy
of sweet-smelling plants and blooms,
that this lowly earth will become the Abha Kingdom,
and this nether world the world above.
Then will this fleck of dust be
as the vast circle of the skies,
this human place the palace-court of God,
this spot of clay the dayspring
of the endless favors of the Lord of Lord.



... the Sun of Reality,
when it illumines the horizon of the inner world,
animates, vivifies and quickens
with a divine and wonderful power.
The trees of human minds clothe themselves
in new and verdant robes,
putting on leaves and blossoms
and bearing spiritual fruits
of the heavenly glad tidings.
Then fragrant flowers of inner significances
appear from the soil of human souls,
and the whole being of man
awakens to a new and divine activity.
This is the growth and development
of the inner world
through the effulgent light of divine guidance
and the heat of the fire of the love of God.



O greatest of glad-tidings,
for the Sun of Truth of the Beauty of Abha
hath dawned from the horizon
of the contingent world
and illumined the regions
with the lights of the mightiest guidance!
The reality of the Pentateuch and the Gospel
have become manifest
and the mysteries of the heavenly Books
have appeared!
Now is the age of the Merciful One
and the time of joy and gladness!



When the winds blow severely,
rains fall fiercely,
the lightning flashes,

the thunder roars,
the bolt descends and storms of trial become severe, grieve not;
for after this storm, verily,
the divine spring will arrive,
the hills and fields will become verdant,
the expanses of grain will joyfully wave,
the earth will become covered with blossoms,
the trees will be clothed with green garments
and adorned with blossoms and fruits.
Thus blessings become manifest in all countries.
These favors are results
of those storms and hurricanes.



This is the time for growing;
the season for joyous gathering!
Take the cup of the Testament in thy hand;
leap and dance with ecstasy
in the triumphal procession of the Covenant!
Lay your confidence in the everlasting bounty,
turn to the presence of the generous God;
ask assistance from the Kingdom of Abha;
seek confirmation from the Supreme World;
turn thy vision to the horizon of eternal wealth;
and pray for help from the Source of Mercy !


The divine Manifestations since the day of Adam have striven to unite humanity so that all may be accounted as one soul. The function and purpose of a shepherd is to gather and not disperse his flock. The Prophets of God have been divine Shepherds of humanity. They have established a bond of love and unity among mankind, made scattered peoples one nation and wandering tribes a mighty kingdom. They have laid the foundation of the oneness of God and summoned all to universal peace. All these holy, divine Manifestations are one. They have served one God, promulgated the same truth, founded the same institutions and reflected the same light. Their appearances have been successive and correlated; each One has announced and extolled the One Who was to follow, and all laid the foundation of reality. They summoned and invited the people to love and made the human world a mirror of the Word of God. Therefore, the divine religions They established have one foundation; Their teachings, proofs and evidences are one; in name and form They differ, but in reality They agree and are the same. These holy Manifestations have been as the coming of springtime in the world. Although the springtime of this year is designated by another name according to the changing calendar, yet as regards its life and quickening it is the same as the springtime of last year. For each spring is the time of a new creation, the effects, bestowals, perfections and life-giving forces of which are the same as those of the former vernal seasons, although the names are many and various.

- All excerpts are from the Baha'i Writings -

Be wonderfully blessed !

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