Unity in diversity is the imperative necessity of the modern world.
But how will it become soon a reality?
It all depend on each our response to the Baha'i Dispensation.

Dear Angels,

The BAHA'I FAITH is an independent world religion.

Its credo is that the time of humanity's unification into a pacific and just society has come.

Its appointed Guardian, Shoghi Effendi, describes the MAIN PRINCIPLES of the Faith as the following :

It proclaims the necessity and the inevitability of the unification of mankind.... It, moreover, enjoins upon its followers the primary duty of an unfettered search after truth, condemns all manner of prejudice and superstition, declares the purpose of religion to be the promotion of amity and concord, proclaims its essential harmony with science, and recognizes it as the foremost agency for the pacification and the orderly progress of human society. It unequivocally maintains the principle of equal rights, opportunities and privileges for men and women, insists on compulsory education, eliminates extremes of poverty and wealth, abolishes the institution of priesthood, prohibits slavery, asceticism, mendicancy and monasticism, prescribes monogamy, discourages divorce, emphasizes the necessity of strict obedience to one's government, exalts any work performed in the spirit of service to the level of worship, urges either the creation or the selection of auxiliary international language, and delineates the outlines of those institutions that must establish and perpetuate the general peace of mankind.

Check out these informative links about the Baha'í Faith:

1.  The official BAHA'I FAITH website.

2.  A simple presentation/introduction VIDEO.

3.  A much longer introduction in AUDIO form.

4.  A FRENCH introduction.

5. Concerning any general question, you can search into the HEART TO HEART publications.

6.  A Wikipedia ARTICLE on the Baha'i Faith.

7.  Learn through VIDEOS (1)  (2).

8.  Study the BAHA'I REVELATION.

9. Search into the BAHA'I WRITINGS.

10. If your MOTHER-TONGUE is OTHER than English.

11. Activities in which you can participate by CONTACTING the Baha'is by COUNTRY.

What you can ask them for :

  • Informal gatherings where to ask questions and learn more.

  • Study circles, where to explore, in a participatory manner, Baha’u’llah’s teachings.

  • Meetings for worship, social and educational activities (children, youth and adults).

  • Activities for service, observances of Baha'i Anniversaries and other events.

A person becomes a Baha'i by recognizing BAHA'U'LLAH as the Messenger of God for this age, and accepting to follow His laws and teachings, as well as the administrative institutions He established for the unification of humankind. People enroll in the Baha’í community by signifying such belief and commitment, orally or in writing, to the responsible Baha'í institution of the COUNTRY they live in.

Be wonderfully blessed !

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