By unifying humanity through his teachings,
Baha'u'llah is destroying our current Tower of Babel.

Dear Angels,

About the everlasting chain of Revelations (of the truth) to mankind, the BAHA'I FAITH tells us:

The holy Manifestations Who have been the Sources or Founders of the various religious systems were united and agreed in purpose and teaching. Abraham, Moses, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, the Bab and Baha'u'llah are one in spirit and reality. Moreover, each Prophet fulfilled the promise of the One Who came before Him and, likewise, Each announced the One Who would follow. Consider how Abraham foretold the coming of Moses, and Moses embodied the Abrahamic statement. Moses prophesied the Messianic cycle, and Christ fulfilled the law of Moses. It is evident, therefore, that the Holy Manifestations Who founded the religious systems are united and agreed; there is no differentiation possible in Their mission and teachings; all are reflectors of reality, and all are promulgators of the religion of God.

The Bahá'í teachings also tell us about the Prophets before the revelation of Abraham, namely Adam, Enoch (Idris/Hermes) and Noah, the other names being lost in the dust of time.

His creation hath ever existed, and the Manifestations of His Divine glory and the Day Springs of eternal holiness have been sent down from time immemorial, and been commissioned to summon mankind to the one true God. That the names of some of them are forgotten and the records of their lives lost is to be attributed to the disturbances and changes that have overtaken the world.
And now regarding thy question, “How is it that no records are to be found concerning the Prophets that have preceded Adam, the Father of Mankind, or of the kings that lived in the days of those Prophets?” Know thou that the absence of any reference to them is no proof that they did not actually exist. That no records concerning them are now available, should be attributed to their extreme remoteness, as well as to the vast changes which the earth hath undergone since their time. [...]
Although the "spiritual" teachings of a given Revelation are still valid, their counterpart, the "social" teachings, are no longer valid once time has given way to the new.  Doesn't humanity progress technologically, politically, etc.? Each dispensation opens a new chapter in God's scripture.
...every time the Prophets of God have illumined the world with the resplendent radiance of the Day Star of Divine knowledge, they have invariably summoned its peoples to embrace the light of God through such means as best befitted the exigencies of the age in which they appeared. They were thus able to scatter the darkness of ignorance, and to shed upon the world the glory of their own knowledge.
THE BOOK OF ENOCH being a good starting point in time, here is a quote from Prophet Baha'u'llah concerning this great spiritual Figure:

The first person who devoted himself to philosophy was Ídrís. Thus was he named. Some called him also Hermes (Enoch). In every tongue he hath a special name. He it is who hath set forth in every branch of philosophy thorough and convincing statements. After him Bálinus derived his knowledge and sciences from the Hermetic Tablets and most of the philosophers who followed him made their philosophical and scientific discoveries from his words and statements...

As of Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, the Bab and Baha'u'llah, the following album is very instructive:


Be wonderfully blessed!

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