Verily God is fully capable of causing all names
to appear in one name, and all souls in one soul.
Surely powerful and mighty is He.

- Baha'u'llah -

Dear Angels,

Especially for you, spiritual wayfarers, here are posted, the whispers of one angel on the SPIRITUAL GIFTS conferred on May 23rd, during the Night of the ANNIVERSARY OF THE DECLARATION OF THE BAB. May it be comforting for your beautiful aspiring souls.

My heart begins to swell with only a whisper of such thoughts. When speaking that only a few have mentioned their experiences on such a night, it is to say that rarely does one speak today when having had such an experience. [...]

Yet, today, even rarer still is the Baha'i Center that remains open all-night for the Declaration of the Bab and such believers as would remain through Dawn Prayers. Oh, how this heart longs for such reunion.

On such a Night, one may experience the souls of all the believers, the world around, gathering into the Sacred Spiral of Returning Unto Him.

The wind, the Breeze that draws one into the Vortex, as each soul adds magnetic powers magnified by the multitude of beings rejoicing.

Such sounds, celestial voices, a myriad of hearts beating in unison so great that ones very breath is abated momentarily in the upsurge.

Earthly sex knows no such heights as the spirit that is swept into such a love, such an un-earthly light, merging as one heart, one conscious endeavor of sublime expression in praise and glory. The Dance of All-Souls in allegiance to Him, an expression of sublime Unity far beyond what one soul may experience alone, such is the sacredness of such a night.

My eyes fill to the brim with remembrances. How we long for that Sacred Night of selflessness.

How does one prepare a community for such an event? Lord knows, as each community must abandon all self-denial of such a night and allow His Will to prevail.

The door swings both ways, and any believer not of means to remain through the night must be allowed to leave at will. And yet, such persons that are want to experience this joy in Praise of God, and venture forth with Him should be permitted to do so.

Preparations? Oh my Lord, who is prepared? How many have you called forth? How many have learned how to abandon their own self-consciousness when with the family of God? How many yet fear their own selves instead of Thee? How many are yet embarrassed by such outward expressions, pure and free of earthly lust and desires? How many fear what each may do in such a state of bliss ?

Laughter rings out amidst the tears while the angels listen to this conversation.

How pure in heart were the dervish of old ? And how sweet the honeyed tongue when prayers of praise roll forth from lips burning with the flame of His Love.

Take up the drumming of the feet, as the dwende rises, and feel the sparks as fingers snap. Lightning issues forth from every hand, as auras tantalize the walls and rainbows scatter entwined like ozone of fresh breath and breezes divine.

Bodies may spin, slowly singing, chanting as the night wears on, and into frenzies should anyone be of such a dance. Some may fall apparently unconscious, whether of song or dance, voice in praise, or in the speaking of tongues that only Birds may understand.

Forgive me, dear ones, as there exists no form of "moderation" when in such Praise, enwrapt within All-Wings and carried aloft. Herein may some among the righteous learn for the first time of the existence of their own wings. It is a night of an open portal, as is the opportunity for every soul to fly out its own window that it has kept closed by its own will for too long a time. A Sacred Night when the Gate is flung wide and both His Embrace and Kiss await each one.

Some may never stand, but in the sitting, rocking, chanting, as in a circle surrounding the center of the room (wherein the swirling starts) may suddenly discover their own consciousness has risen above their body, attracted by the souls amidst the Spiral, and take leave of body to participate in the Celestial Dance of All-Souls.

Prepare? Such is as one does all the year. Such a night is not one that may well be "organized" no more than can a true musician play jazz in a band that follows written music. Memorize a prayer, or two, or three. Take a writing to heart and let the heart sing its praise, impromptu from the soul.

Love, like never known afore, is such a Sacred Night, selfless. [...]

A soul is affected both from within and from without, both from memories and new thoughts, from ones physical surroundings as well as the spirits that surround ones being. All the Worlds of God are no farther away than the thickness of the flesh at the end of ones finger tip. Allow your soul to journey beyond this short distance and experience these Worlds. Such is the abandonment of "self-consciousness".

Should any believer learn what scent (aromas), colors, Names, rhythms (beats), tones (frequencies - notes and octaves), and Words (Writings) are associated with each theopathy, or spiritual experience, and one may "set the mood" for such an event, as a "mood" is a "place" for ones directed level of awareness (consciousness).

The magnitude of such an event is known by the magnetism of each believer and the bestowals by Him at such a moment. The greater the group in number, and its submission to the moment, the greater is the possibility for more lofty experiences by any one individual.

And, the soul may transcend both time and space to experience the outpourings of the many souls at any given moment. Thus, even the isolated believer may experience the spiral of All-Souls on that Sacred Night (the Holy Day of the Declaration of the Bab).

- F. M.
So, may we meet there and dissolve into the Beloved of all hearts, for did He not say:

Wilt Thou not behold, O my Master, the Hearts wherein have beaten the wings of the dove of longing and love for Thee?

- Baha'u'llah
If He makes victorious whom He wills, humbly asking Him for forgiveness can be especially well received on that Night.

Glorified, immeasurably glorified art Thou, O my God, and my Beloved, and my Master, and my Desire! Shatter not the hopes of this lowly one to attain the shores of Thy glory, and deprive not this wretched creature of the immensities of Thy riches, and cast not away this suppliant from the doors of Thy grace, and Thy bounty, and Thy gifts. Have mercy, then, upon this poor and desolate soul who hath sought no friend but Thee, and no companion except Thee, and no comforter save Thee, and no beloved apart from Thee, nor cherished any desire but Thyself.

Cast, then, upon me, O my God, the glances of Thy mercy, and forgive me my trespasses and the trespasses of them that are dear to Thee, and which come in between us and the revelation of Thy triumph and Thy grace. Cancel Thou, moreover, our sins which have shut off our faces from the splendors of the Day-Star of Thy favors. Powerful art Thou to do Thy pleasure. Thou ordainest what Thou willest, and art not asked of what Thou wishest through the power of Thy sovereignty, nor canst Thou be frustrated in whatsoever Thou prescribest through Thine irrevocable decree. No God is there save Thee, the Almighty, the Most Powerful, the Ever-living, the Most Compassionate.
     - Baha'u'llah

O Lord! O Thou Whose bounty granteth wishes ! I stand before Thee, all save Thee forgetting. Grant that the mote of knowledge in my spirit escape desire and the lowly clay ; grant that thine ancient gift, this drop of wisdom, merge with Thy mighty sea. 

- Baha'u'llah


For those who still need confirmation of the reality of THE MYSTICAL PATH...

But some there are who have found divine intelligence and have obtained spiritual understanding. They have the real sight. They know of the other worlds.

- Abdu'l-Baha

But some of the mystic knowers, who have freed their gaze from the limitations of the similes and metaphors of the worlds of plurality and have burned away the luminous veils with the Divinely-kindled fire and with sharp sight and penetrating vision have seen the stations of oneness, consider all forms and quiddities and realities and potentialities to be far removed from the shore of sanctity of the Divine Knowledge which is identical to the Divine Essence.

- Baha'u'llah

Be wonderfully blessed!

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