The Shrine of the Bab
on the mountain of God in the Holy Land.

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Dear Angels,

Everyone like good stories, isn't it? Here is the most wonderful one you will ever hear in your life:

« In the religion of Muhammad there is the promise of the Mihdi and the Messiah, and it is the same with the Zoroastrian and the other religions, but if we relate these matters in detail, it would take too long. The essential fact is that all are promised two Manifestations, Who will come, one following on the other. It has been prophesied that in the time of these two Manifestations the earth will be transformed, the world of existence will be renewed, and beings will be clothed in new garments. Justice and truth will encompass the world; enmity and hatred will disappear; all causes of division among peoples, races and nations will vanish; and the cause of union, harmony and concord will appear. The negligent will awake, the blind will see, the deaf will hear, the dumb will speak, the sick will be cured, the dead will arise. War will give place to peace, enmity will be conquered by love, the causes of dispute and wrangling will be entirely removed, and true felicity will be attained. The world will become the mirror of the Heavenly Kingdom; humanity will be the Throne of Divinity. All nations will become one; all religions will be unified; all individual men will become of one family and of one kindred. All the regions of the earth will become one; the superstitions caused by races, countries, individuals, languages and politics will disappear; and all men will attain to life eternal, under the shadow of the Lord of Hosts. »

But here for you, another wonderful, wonderful Secret... 

On May 23, 1844,
THE BAB the promised MAHDI, ushered in this Era now celebrated by millions around the globe as the Day of God, the very beginning of the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth just spoken of.
Do you hear the BELL (Tablet of the Bell)?

Every year on this Night, the DOORS OF HEAVEN are wide opened to welcome us and lead us further into GOD'S KINGDOMS. The only condition is to stay awake on that Night, oblivious of our mortal self, while being enchanted by the Beauty of the One; a Night filled with priceless gifts.  This Secret is revealed in a precious TABLET of Baha'u'llah,
where He prays for us, saying:

Praise be to Thee! I beseech Thee by this Night, and by them who remained wakeful during it to send down upon them the most perfect good, the finest beneficence, the richest treasure, the most exquisite beauty, the most evident revelation, the soundest utterance, the most enduring sovereignty, the most flawless word, the most ancient grace, the most potent sign, the Greatest Name, the most ideal benevolence, the most glorious Glory, the most sublime splendor, the most mighty power, the most clear authorization, the most abiding Book, the most fruitful fruits.

May we recite it together, along with these others mystical  WORDS and be told:
Great is the blessedness that awaiteth thee, O My servant, for thou hast attained unto that which none hath attained, except SUCH as have detached themselves from all that is in the heavens and all that is on the earth, and who are the emblems of true detachment.

Be wonderfully blessed!

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